nautilus - Where is "Connect to Server" for ssh connections in Unity?

  • Eugene

    Cannot find "connect to server" in 11.04, looks like unity doesn't have it. Is there other very similar way to connect to another Ubuntu computer via SSH? (not in terminal)

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  • Jorge Castro

    If you click on the nautilus icon (the folder with the house on it) it will launch the file manager. "Connect to Server" is in the file menu.

    enter image description here

    In Ubuntu 12.10 you need to install the following package (click to install):

    Install via the software center

  • Bruno Pereira

    Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04

    Press Alt+F2 and type nautilus-connect-server

    enter image description here

    Or with Nautilus open of by selecting your desktop, go to File > Connect to Server

    enter image description here

  • Achu

    Open a Nautilus window: it should be in the File menu.

    enter image description here

  • Zadir

    Click on the desktop, the move the mouse to the top panel, in menu choose file, connect to server.

  • poolie

    You could try HotSSH, a GUI for starting and managing SSH sessions. You can install it from the Unity application menu. enter image description here

  • papukaija

    Go to your desktop and select "Connect to the server" from the File menu.

  • belacqua

    The option "connect to server" is not where is used to be on nautilus. Instead, you should go to the desktop, point with your mouse at the upper edge -- this will bring up a menu where you choose >file>connect to server.

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    Nautilus freezes when connecting to SSH server
  • mniess

    I have several nautilus bookmarks pointing to SSH servers, so that I can easily access them. Out of nowhere this doesn't work anymore. When I open a bookmark or enter ssh://user@server in the location bar, Nautilus completely freezes and doesn't recover (edit: same with sftp://). I can kill Nautilus and the desktop will load again. Everything else works as it should. As soon as I try to access a server through ssh, nautilus freezes again.

    Nothing was changed on the servers and no updates have been installed on the computer. A reboot doesn't help, either.

    I use key-authentication if that is important. I AM being asked for the key-passphrase and then the freeze occurs.

    Update: This stopped working while I was using it. I was uploading some files, did something else, and when I got back to upload some more edited files the freezing began. To me this feels like some messed up or incomplete cache files that nautilus still tries to use.

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  • koanhead

    Have you tried mounting the remote filesystem via sshfs and then browsing it via Nautilus? I think that if that works it would then eliminate the remote server, the local ssh client, and non-gvfs parts of Nautilus as problems. (I'm not sure what is in the middle there or if gvfs is involved at all- but it would provide more information if this works.)

  • aneeshep

    It may not be a perfect solution but sometimes it may work.

    Just try sftp://user@server instead of ssh://user@server