'Ubuntu for Tablets' -- when available?

  • PyRulez

    When will the tablet version of Ubuntu (not desktop) be able to be installed on a Nexus 7. I do not think it can now (since I do not even think they have finished it) but if so, post a tutorial.

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  • MustafaJF

    The final version will not be available till 2014

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    Is there a tablet-centric desktop available for Ubuntu?
  • Wayne Werner

    I have a Lenovo x61 tablet PC running Ubuntu 10.04. I've got Karol Krizka's auto-rotate daemon working, along with a variety of other applications like cellwriter, though for some reason even when it's working properly, it needed a fix for me. There's a host of other applications I use such as

    • xournal, for general notetaking
    • mypaint, for drawing
    • easystroke, for gesture recognition

    probably others that I forget at the moment...

    But I was wondering if there are any good tablet-oriented desktop environments for Ubuntu?

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  • Marco Ceppi

    There really isn't any out there currently - but what you may want to install is the new UNE (Ubuntu Netbox Edition) which provides the new launcher application on the destkop itself. Should make using a tablet a lot more effective.

    To get this to work you'll need to add this [ppa]: ppa:netbook-remix-team/ppa to your system and install the relavant packages. It took me quite some time to hunt down this repository for some reason. I believe you'll then want to execute sudo apt-get install unity ubuntu-netbook-unity-default-settings and any other packages listed.

  • Oli

    gnome-shell looks like it's going to be a serious contender for tablet interfaces. Other than that, I'd try out the various netbook-orientated environments like Ubuntu Netbook Edition.

    To test out gnome-shell I recommend not using the repo version which is a very long way behind the current development version and instead use a PPA like so:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

    To use it just fire off:

    gnome-shell --replace

    To turn it off:

    metacity --replace

    To remove it:

    sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
    sudo ppa-purge -p testing ricotz
  • dv3500ea

    For a touch interface, you could use LXDE + lxlauncher or the GNOME + netbook-launcher (the launcher from the current (10.04) netbook edition).

    To add to your applications list you could use fennec, a touch oriented browser. Also look here for a list of applications bundled with a touch oriented OS (most, but not all, will be available for Ubuntu).

  • Tachyons

    The new ubuntu touch ui is well supported on the tablet . But it is not completed yet