hibernate - Ubuntu 13.04: Hangs on startup after crash (Refined TSC clocksource calibration?)

  • neil

    I'm new to Ubuntu, and Linux, so I really don't know how to go about debugging this issue.

    This is on a Lenovo U410 laptop with Windows 8 as a secondary partition.

    I had a crash earlier today, I went to reboot my machine, it hung for a long time, I realized it wasn't actually shutting down, it was just going in and out of hibernate. I forced the computer to reset by using the silly 'one key restore'. Pressing and holding the power key would only hibernate the computer over and over.

    Finally was able to get it to post but I can now only launch Windows, Ubuntu hangs.

    I was able to launch it into recovery mode, this is what it shows on my screen, and where it gets stuck.

    enter image description here

    It stalls on the - Refined TSC clocksource calibration

    Any help is appreciated, I have no idea what to do at this point, this seems far beyond my ability.


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    How to get hibernate button in unity shutdown dialog in Ubuntu Raring 13.04?
  • bkd.online

    I checked that hibernation works on my laptop via pm-hibernate command, and then enabled hibernation. The unity panel menu shows an option for hibernation now, and it works fine.

    My question here is, how to add it to the unity shutdown dialog. Since 13.04, unity has a new shutdown prompt when we press the power button, and it does not contain hibernate option even after enabling it.

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  • bkd.online

    The hibernate icon appears only after a reboot. I am getting a hibernate icon now properly.