plugins - Thunderbird addon to send one email to multiple recipients?

  • Max

    is there a thunderbird plugin/addon to send one email to more than one recipient without using cc or bcc and only to field. I am not looking for a bulk mailer just something to help me email the same message to my employees without them knowing who I sent what to ?

  • Answers
  • Bruno Pereira

    Open your address book, click the button Add List, enter the name of the recipients you want to mail to on the new window.

    Add the list to bcc, done.

  • Chris

    Mail Merge for Thunderbird works great, unless you've updated to Thunderbird 11.0. The 'Personalize' function uses a contact list (address book) you create, ie 'Salesmen'. The message you type is sent as an individual email for each person on that list.

    Worked great until Thunderbird updated to 11.0. BTW- it's considered 'deadware' now. Too bad.

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    How do I configure Thunderbird to send plain text emails by default?
  • David Oneill

    Title pretty much says it all. I want to tell Thunderbird to edit and send emails in plain text by default.

    How do I do that?

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  • Azendale

    As @enzotib pointed out in the comment, this is set up in the Account Options, under "Composition and Addressing"

    Thunderbird Tools -> Account Settings screenshot

    Then Thunderbird will compose emails in plain text. To switch from plain text for one email to HTML, hold shift while you click on Reply, Forward, or compose and it will let you compose in HTML.