12.10 - Still need discard, noatime, and data=ordered for SSDs?

  • henson

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    How do I optimize the OS for SSDs?

    It's just been a while. Didn't know if SSDs are auto-detected, or if it's still necessary to use the discard, noatime, and data=ordered mount options.

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  • mrcktz

    I see no evidence that 12.10 auto-detects and installs accordingly with a SSD. I just did a fresh install and went ahead and added discard and noatime as well as moving tmpfs to the ram.

    The articles I've used are a bit old, but they provide decent info/referencing on tweaking for SSDs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1974320

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  • Luis Alvarado

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    I will be getting an SSD drive soon but since 12.04 received MANY MANY changed in regards to everything, I was wondering if there is still a need to do several configuration changes to several files, for example, editing the fstab file to enhance the sdd performance and other changes.

    Is this still needed to make an SDD drive performance better? What changes are already incorporated into 12.04 that will make SSD drives performance better by default. What changes are still needed to modify?

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  • serve.chilled

    I'm using a SSD drive for half an year now (OCZ Vertex II) and didn't configurated it in any way. It runs just like a charm. I was interested in this topic too and so i did a research back then. The conclusion was:

    1. What ever you do to speed up your SSD, you can't make it noticeable faster.
    2. All these warnings on bad settings wearing out you SSD are negligible on newer SSD's and Operating Systems. More on SSD myths (especially on their endurance) here.

    So, if you still have the feeling like somethings wrong with you SSD, use palimpsest disk utiliy. It can check your Harddrive for errors and measures it's speed.