grub2 - New Ubuntu 13.04 install does not show up in boot menu for existing bootloader

  • user154281

    I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on a new partition on a laptop that currently has Mint 14 installed. Because I ran into lots of problems when originally installing the boot loader I followed the instructions in to avoid overwriting the existing boot loader (by installing the bootloader only in the partition for the new OS install). The install completed, but the new Ubuntu does not show up in the existing Grub boot menu.

    I loaded up the Ubuntu 13.04 live CD and ran the Boot Repair program but it said it did not make or recommend any changes. It did give me this config URL:

    Any ideas on how to get Ubuntu 13.04 showing up in my boot menu?


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  • agnostic

    I installed windows 7 first and then Ubuntu, booted back into windows and used EasyBCD to use the Windows 7 bootloader for dual booting. So when the system is rebooted Windows bootloader comes up first and once you select Ubuntu then GRUB shows up.

    I need to how to make GRUB the default bootloader instead of windows 7's.

    Thank you

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  • astex

    If you are somewhat of a beginner, you should use boot repair.