13.04 - How to install compiz-plugin-extras and make it work correctly?

  • Wesley Silva

    I'm still having problems with Compiz...

    I did everything that you imagine... but "animation add-on" still does not appear in Compiz...

    I have already done the command apt-get install compiz-plugins-extras and compiz-plugins* to install all plugins but Compiz still does not show the "Animation add-on"...

    What can I do?

    I know this is not a big problem, but in any part of internet, people say how to enable the"Animation add-on" they but already know this.

    I want to know how to get a "complete" install of Compiz with all plugins.

    Please post step by step. (If I have to add new repository, if I have to move paste, if I have to download and extract and install the plugin)... Step by step....

    I think it will help a lot of people who still have this question.

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  • Jens Reubsaet

    I tried the same as you did before I found out that the packages compiz-plugins-extra and the experimental ones are just transitional dummy packages. These have been available for 12.04 and were dropped in 12.10 and up. It's pretty said, I loved them as well. So the only way I can think of is to get the deb-package from 12.04's repos and extract the files to their respective directory (I do not know if this works; never tried it) or downgrade to 12.04.

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    11.04 - How do I install experimental plugins for compiz?
  • Gtuxyco

    How to install all plugins compiz in ubuntu natty 11.04? i can't install unsupported plugins

    I want to install experimental plugins, not the ones in compiz-plugins-extra. These plugins were installed by git in previous versions of compiz with a script (0.8.x):


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  • Elder-Geek

    Ubuntu no longer supplies all of the experimental plugins. Up through Maverick you can use the Compiz Packages PPA and install the compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported package.

    What will work with Natty and Oneiric is the procedure that can be found at UbuntuGuide. Which is to download all of the compiz plugins and rebuild them all from source. This will overwrite the plugins that are already installed via the normal Ubuntu packaging system, as well as adding the unsupported plugins.

    cd ~/Downloads
    sudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-bcop compiz-dev \build-essential libtool \libglu1-mesa-dev libxss-dev \libcairo2-dev git-core
    git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts
    cd scripts
    ./compiz-addons install all
    nohup compiz --replace &
  • Rinzwind

    You can install a set of additional plugins with the package compiz-plugins-extra. Either install via Synaptic or sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-extra. (Make sure you have the Universe repository enabled.)

    If you're talking about plugins that aren't even in the Ubuntu repositories, it probably depends on the plugin. But I think compiz-plugins-extra will have most of what you want.

  • Eliah Kagan

    I did this:

    Check the version of your compiz (mine is 0.8.4) and download compiz-plugins-unsupported-0.8.4.tar.bz2 from http://releases.compiz-fusion.org/0.8.4/.

    Extract and run:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    sudo checkinstall -D

    The checkinstall step creates a .deb package and installs it for you!

    Make sure Synaptic (and Software Center, Update Manager, and any other package management utilities) is closed, so the installation can succeed.

    One major advantage of this way is that you can easily uninstall it if you ever want or need to.