scrolling - How do I get Firefox to scroll down when selecting content

  • user176916

    How can I get Firefox to scroll down when I'm selecting more than one page of content?

    I see this is a bug that was fixed once, but re-emerged. See a partial solution below.

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  • user176916

    I've noticed Firefox will scroll, if you start selecting from the bottom and work up. I would imagine some or many people know this, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. --Jim

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    11.10 - Cannot select text whilst scrolling down the page in Firefox
  • rulet

    Selection with scrolling in firefox on Ubuntu 11.10(gnome-shell or unity):

    Selection text when scrolling down the page is not feasible (only up).

    In the chrome browser such bug is not available. This bug appears when firefox window is maximized(as usualy). Any ideas?

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