How do I enable Remote Desktop connection on Xubuntu 11.10?

  • tadatma

    How do I enable Remote Desktop connection on Xubuntu 11.10? I do not find any options such as those present in Ubuntu?

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  • Pierre Rust

    Install the xrdp server ( Remote Desktop Protocol Server). It allows to connect to your ubuntu box from any rdp client.

    What the other answer describe is called "desktop sharing" and is not the same thing as "remote desktop" . See the accepted answer for this question for more explanation :

    "Remote Desktop" in Ubuntu is not the same thing as in Windows. It's intended to share your running desktop with someone else. In 11.10, it's been renamed to "Desktop Sharing" to better reflect that.

  • Jorge Castro
    1. Input the following line to install vino:

      sudo apt-get install vino
    2. Input the following line to configure vino:


    Follow the onscreen instructions to make changes to your remote desktop sharing preferences.

    1. Go to XFCE settings manager and select "session and startup" and "application auto start"

    2. Click Add and Enter the following command to start the vino server:

  • Jorge Castro

    try sudo apt-get install xrdp. This allows you to connect to the Ubuntu from RDP software or remote desktop of windows.

  • Troubled Ubuntu

    Using remote desktop on Ubuntu is really easy. You just go into system settings and enable it and it will do all the work for you. . besides a few boxes to check. This is a pretty easy tutorial if you want to try it. worked for me. Remote Desktop Ubuntu 11.10 Set Up Instructions

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  • karthick87

    Most of the times after installing ubuntu, we forget to enable Remote Desktop. How ever we have installed ssh in all the ubuntu systems. Is it possible to enable Remote Desktop remotely? It will be helpful for us if it is possible.. I hope someone will write a possible solution, thanks in advance..

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  • Takkat

    The GNOME VNC-server vino is started from the command line with:


    This can also be done remotely in a SSH session.

    Settings for vino need to be made on the remote, e.g. by editing /desktop/gnome/remote_access with gconftool-2, from the GUI, or by using gconf-editor, or in a GUI with


    This can also be done from an X-forwarding enabled SSH session.