How can i run ubuntu alongside windows 8 if my comouter have a bootlocker?

  • Etienne

    My computer has a bootlocker I have tried to bypass it but if i did, windows wouldn't boot anymore.


  • Answers
  • Scott Goodgame

    If you mean a dual boot.... Install Ubuntu next to Windows 8 (UEFI dual boot)

    If by 'alonngside' you mean running at the same time, you might want to look into virtualbox.

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  • Jonathan

    I installed ubuntu on my pc alongside windows Vista

    When I choose to boot ubuntu the PC doesn't run. Can anyone help?

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  • Mitch

    You can try Boot-repair. Boot-Repair, simple tool to recover access to your Operating Systems. To get Boot-repair you can download it from here

    Once you download the ISO file, go ahead and burn it to a CD, then make sure that your system is set to boot from CD. Boot from the newly created Boot-repair CD, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • LovinBuntu
    1. Run Boot-Repair, click the "Create a BootInfo summary" button, then indicate the URL that will appear. Remark: the "Recommended repair" button will repair/reinstall GRUB, which I think is not necessary in your case because you can see the GRUB menu.
    2. From the GRUB menu, select the "Previous Linux versions" entry (if it exists), and check if you have the same error with the old kernels.