How can I make thunderbird faster?

  • Natim

    I installed Ubuntu 11.10 One year ago and I stayed with it since I like the launcher behavior and it continues to make me happy without any problems.

    I stop using my computer for almost one month and now each time I launch Thunderbird the application hang for 2/3 minutes with a lots of hard drive access.

    I think this might be related to the SQLite and search engine re-index after an eavy IMAP load.

    But my reflexion is more from a user view. I don't want to wait at Thunderbird startup but I don't care to wait on messages search.

    First of all : How can I purge my thunderbird so it won't take long at startup ? How can we make Thunderbird stay calm so that other user won't have this bug again ?

    Edit: The first thing I tried is configuration :

    • You can configure accounts to keep only last 2000 mails
    • You can also empty the trash on Exit

    How could I see what's going on with my hard drive ?

    Edit: I installed iotop that give me this informations :

    • 9184 be/4 natim 0.00 B/s 2.80 M/s 0.00 % 3.77 % thunderbird
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