installation - How can I install Ubuntu in BlackBerry Playbook?

  • BNDR

    I have a Blackberry Playbook. I loved the Blackberry OS at first, but now I feel constrained by the lack of applications and functions. I assume that, by installing Ubuntu on my tablet, will give me the freedom of a full-featured OS.

    Then, how can I install it on my Playbook?

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  • Jorge Castro

    The playbook is not going to be supported as mentioned here at Ubuntu Wiki (under the heading "OMAP 4").

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    sync - BlackBerry Playbook MediaSync with Ubuntu? How it works?
  • Oliver Förster

    I will sync my files on my BlackBerry Playbook with my 12.04 desktop. Playbook will connect and show connection screen but Ubuntu can't mount this.

    If I connect my BB Smartphone, I can connect and sync files or move videos, music and others. But I need this function on my tablet for documents, ebooks and other stuff.

    Can someone tell a simply way (or create a PPA for this)?

    By the way: sync files via bluetooth will not work. I can connect via BT but not searching or sending files.

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  • Cmorales

    I hope it's not too late...

    The easiest way to do it is via Wifi, as perfectly explained in this video:

    You can also do it via USB, as explained here:

    Hope that helps.