drivers - How can I install Canon Pixma MG 3150?

  • Frank Ferreira

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  • gertvdijk

    Openprinting has a site to the PIXMA MX350. According to this site the driver for your printer works perfect. So you can follow the official Ubuntu help about setting up a printer:

    1. Open the printer menu from system settings
    2. Choose 'add' a new printer
    3. Choose the correct printer model
    4. give your printer a name
    5. print a test document

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    drivers - How do I get a Canon PIXMA MX350 working on 64 bit?
  • type

    Anybody successful on installing this printer on amd64 please?

    Canon supplies 32bit drivers -- as *.deb and also as source: Current compilation failed ... Trying to install the i386 debian packages worked somehow ...

    as of 2011-11 there's an awesome ppa repository:

    How can I install a Canon driver?

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  • type

    I do not know why, but I can print now -- also wireless.

    • once supplied the PPD from the canon driver source archive, but deleted the printer again as it complained about missing filter
    • tried to compile source as stated above
    • tried to force install of i386 packages as above
    • added the printer once again and it found it as shown in the screenshot below

    enter image description here

    Even scanning works!

    enter image description here

  • wojox

    Have you installed the sudo apt-get install ia32-libs package? That's what I need for my printer on 64 bit Ubuntu.

  • qneill

    My MX350 on 11.04 wasn't working either. I had ia32-libs installed, but the install of cnijfilter-common_3.30-1_i386.deb still complained of missing i386 deps. I tried manually installing a few but they were already present. So I went ahead and added the "--force-depends" option

    sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture --force-depends cnijfilter-common_3.30-1_i386.deb

    and re-added the printer, and everything seems to be working fine.