firefox - Flash Player 11 problem in ubuntu 13.10

  • roman

    I upgraded from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 a couple of days ago. However, still cannot watch videos on youtube with Firefox.

    It asks me for flash player plugin. I wrote in terminal sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer, but it gives me:

    flashplugin-installer is already the newest version.
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  • Braiam

    This happens sometimes when you upgrade Flash and Firefox at the same time. The only solution is removing flash and installing it again:

    sudo apt-get purge flashplugin-installer
    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer
  • Jobin

    Some of the necessary but proprietary plugins and packages can be easily installed using sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted extras. This would install the required flash plugin, included as a dependency to it.

    Wikipedia has some decent information about ubuntu restricted extras.

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  • hansioux

    Firefox and Youtube videos were working after upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 but a couple of weeks ago, my Youtube flash video player shows up as a grey box. The sound still works and I can hear the clip playing, but I can not see the video, or even the controls.

    This is true for many of the flash based video players, and I think it even happens to some of the flash games out there on Firefox.

    Everything works fine on Chromium. This isn't that weird because Chromium has its own flash plugin. However, some flash players still function properly on Firefox, like the full episode flash player on

    Why would flash be grey box for some flash players but not all?

    I have a 32bit system, and a ATI x300 GPU card, which has been giving me problems right after updating to 10.10, but that seems to be resolved now. I selected the allow proprietary codecs stuff at install , and then installed the Adobe Flash PPA and plugin in Ubuntu Tweak.

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  • belacqua

    The problem lies with RGBA, if you have that enabled/installed. Try running firefox from the terminal, with this command:

    export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 && firefox

  • Jorge Castro

    I would advise removing the Ubuntu Tweak PPA from your software sources by opening the Software Centre then clicking Edit->Software Sources.... Click the 'Other Software' tab then untick the Ubuntu Tweak PPA.

    Close the software sources window and it should refresh your software index.

    Uninstall any flash plugins you have installed then install ubuntu-restricted-extras Install ubuntu-restricted-extras . This should get flash working again.

    In the future do not use PPAs unless you are certain of what you are doing. Note that Ubuntu Tweak is for users who know what they are doing and can mess up your system if you use it without precautions.

  • Marco Ceppi

    I had the same problem with flash on my 64-bit Kubuntu box. Blocking cookies from YouTube within firefox fixed the problem for me. I hope it helps.

    You will have to delete the already installed youtube cookies, of course, for this to work.

  • Marco Ceppi

    This will painlessly give you the latest Flash. 64 or 32 bit.

  • Fraekkert

    I usually find that all I need to do when flash turns into a grey box is scroll up or down a little.

    It's been some time since flash did that the last time though.

    I have no clue why it works for me, but give it a try.

  • hansioux

    Finally I gave up, I just reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10. It was a clean install, and the problem was gone. Though it solved the problem, but unfortunately I have no idea what caused the issue, and I guess now I never will.

  • amanthethy

    You could try removing the closed-sourced ATI drivers. I find that they cause more problems then they're worth, especially if your card is already supported by the opensource driver.

    sudo apt-get remove fglrx*

    should do the trick.