Can I use other ways than Ubuntu Software Center to open apt links?

  • cipricus

    Without Ubuntu Software Center in Lubuntu I was unable to edit opening apt links in any program in Firefox (see this question) After installing Ubuntu Software Center, that problem is solved, but could I use other program instead of Ubuntu Software Center for the same purpose? I find it too heavy, and to install I prefer the Terminal, gdebi, Lubuntu Software Center or the Synaptic.

    (Now that I have the apt option in Firefox/Preferences/Applications, I try to change Ubuntu Software Center to Lubuntu Software Center but this does not change the option.)

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  • izx
    • Neither gDebi, Synaptic or Lubuntu Software Center support handling the "apt://" protocol/links.
    • But a very simple graphical apt-get-type installer called AptURL does.

      • Install it with sudo apt-get install apturl
      • Set Firefox Preferences to "Always Ask" for apt
      • Click on a link, and select AptURL:

      enter image description here

      • And the window will pop open:

      enter image description here

      • Installation will take place using a lightweight gDebi-style frontend
    • The other option is to use a custom script such as green7's answer

    • But to be browser-independent, what you really need is:

      1. A .desktop file for your script/application, indicating that it handles the x-scheme-handler/apt protocol (see MimeType= lines in aptURL.desktop, ubuntu-software-center.desktop)
      2. And you can set the default by modifying the defaults.list file in /usr/share/applications/
  • green7

    You can change the Action in Preferences > Applications from Ubuntu Software Center to this simple shell script.

    #! /bin/bash
    lxterm -e "sudo apt-get install $toInstall; read"

    Save this to some file, say, and make it executable by running:

    chmod +x /path/to/

    Now you can replace Ubuntu Software Center with

    enter image description here

    Now whenever you click on any apt link, it will show a terminal window asking for your password.

    enter image description here

    After you correctly enter your password, it will install the package.

    enter image description here

    Note that you can use xterm in place of lxterm.

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    apt - Is it possible to add the Ubuntu Software Center to sources.list?
  • scuttlemonkey

    I would like to install some of the things on the Ubuntu Software Center via command line (apt-get). Is this possible? If so does anyone have the url handy to add to sources.list? I can't seem to find this documented anywhere. Looking for something like:

    deb precise main

    > edit <

    Finding the package name worked great for most free apps.

    Is there a difference if it's a commercial application (even though it's free)? I'm specifically interested in:

    The version info contains: perforce-version-management 2012.3+1-0ubuntu1 However, 'apt-cache search perforce' or 'apt-cache search perforce-version-management' don't turn up this app.

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  • slashcrack

    You just have to find out which name the application you want to install has. There is no PPA.

    When you click on an application in the USC, you just can scroll down and see the package name. enter image description here

    (look under version)