12.04 - bluetooth headset can connect, but not visible in pulse audio

  • Kim Marivoet

    I have a plantronics bluetooth headset, and until yesterday I could use it without any problem. However, today it suddenly stopped working (maybe related to the last software update I did). I can still connect/disconnect my headset, but it doesn't show up in pulse audio anymore. I read through various posts that describes kind of the same problem, but none of the suggested solutions worked. I get following error in the syslog:

    Oct 13 16:49:57 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.34 path=/MediaEndpoint/HFPAG
    Oct 13 16:49:57 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.34 path=/MediaEndpoint/A2DPSource
    Oct 13 16:49:57 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.34 path=/MediaEndpoint/A2DPSink
    Oct 13 16:50:09 desktop kernel: [   17.340943] input: 48:C1:AC:08:FE:8F as /devices/virtual/input/input14
    Oct 13 16:50:09 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: /org/bluez/1040/hci0/dev_48_C1_AC_08_FE_8F/fd0: fd(36) ready
    Oct 13 16:50:09 desktop rtkit-daemon[1894]: Successfully made thread 2213 of process 1892 (n/a) owned by '1000' RT at priority 5.
    Oct 13 16:50:09 desktop rtkit-daemon[1894]: Supervising 5 threads of 1 processes of 1 users.
    Oct 13 16:50:10 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: Badly formated or unrecognized command: AT+XEVENT=USER-AGENT,COM.PLANTRONICS,PLT_VOYAGERPRO,0109,27.90,FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    Oct 13 16:50:10 desktop bluetoothd[1040]: Audio connection got disconnected

    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.

    Thanks, Kim

  • Answers
  • user146469

    I had the same issue, this helped:

    sudo apt-get-install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

    and then reboot, restart bluetoothd, etc, etc, and then your headset is visible.

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    11.04 - Can I use my Bluetooth headset as a microphone?
  • Naftuli Tzvi Kay

    I have a Motorola S305 Bluetooth headset which I use with my computer often for headphones. I've been using them for a while and have been really pleased with the sound quality, form factor, and battery life.

    The only thing is that I haven't found a way to use them as a microphone yet. Is there a way for me to use them for a microphone so that I can seamlessly use them for Skype and other applications?

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  • Takkat

    From the Sound Preferences menu we select the Input tab to choose our Bluetooth device (here depicted for a Philips headset) for audio input:

    enter image description here

    In order to use your headset for telephony we will also have to make sure, that the hardware is set to Duplex mode in Hardware -> Settings:

    enter image description here

    Note: In duplex mode the sound quality may not be very high due to usage of the HSP/HFP codecs.

  • Wurstsalat

    I have no explicit solution but the bug ticket for this: #508522

    Perhaps sometimes there will be the solution for this issue.

  • Jo-Erlend Schinstad

    If you open the sound menu and select "Audio preferences", then you'll get a dialog where one of the pages is called "Inputs" or similar. You should be able to see your headphones as an input source there.

  • Eitan Fishman

    Just try talking into the headsets and see if it work.