firefox - Adobe Flash Player is not working in 12.04

  • raheel

    I am facing problems when opening some videos and contents from some web sites. I figured out that Adobe Flash Player is not working properly in my system. I have installed a fresh copy of 12.04 on 64bit machine.

    I have executed these commands:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

    But still, the problem persisted.

    I will be very thankful for any help.

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  • Shauna

    Try Flash-Aid. It's a nice little script in the form of an extension to Firefox that will fix conflicts and install the correct version of Flash for your system, as well as the Firefox Flash extension.

    I haven't used it 12.04 (since I haven't had any issues with Flash), but I have used it in previous versions and it worked great.

    Just install, then run the extension (if it doesn't start when you start Firefox, it should show up in the tools menu), and follow the steps in the wizard. Once it's done, you can remove the extension if you want.

  • Evandro Silva

    Install Xubuntu restricted extras from ubutu software centre.OR try usinng command

    1. CTRL + ALT + T
    2. sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras now press enter
    3. go to software centre and add add-ons from ubuntu software centre.It worked for me.
  • Eliah Kagan

    ... as an extension to the answer referring to the Flash-Aid tool, I can say that my firefox/flash-problem was solved by applying the older flash-plugin from adobe-flashplugin source package in Ubuntu.

    Flash-Aid gives the opportunity to install your "custom" xxx.tar.gz: so download and try out the plugin of the above mentioned package Hardy Heron of Ubuntu.

    Good luck!

  • Flimm

    Download: file. Extract it and copy the file to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins using root. That is it.

    To copy the file using root, use command gksu nautilus, provide your root password and navigate to the location indicated above.

  • Basharat Sial

    I came across these commands and after installing, my problem miraculously solved and I have been watching all Youtube videos without any problem.

    If you really want to run Flash videos in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. only these commands work in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.

    sudo apt-get remove --purge adobe-flashplugin flashplugin* nspluginwrapper
    sudo apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flashplugin
  • Lukas

    In case you are using Firefox try whether Flash is working if you open Firefox by sudo firefox. If so, sudo dpkg-reconfigure firefox might fix your problem.

  • user215211

    None of these steps above worked for me. I got flash finally working in my Firefox on 12.04 (flash stopped working after I updated Firefox to latest version recently (December 2013)).

    So, it case it helps anyone, I finally got flash working again by using an older version of adobe flash ( I simply installed the file in


    The file to download from


    "(Released 4/9/2013) Flash Player (61.21 MB)"

    (others might work, I tried this one first and it worked so I didn't try any others).

    Once you unzip the archive:

    If there is a link already existing in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to a different then delete it first.

    Then run these commands

    cd fp_10.3.183.75_archive/10_3_r183_75
    tar -xzvf flashplayer_10_3r183_75_linux.tar.gz
    sudo cp -p /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

    And now my flash is working in Firefox for youtube videos, etc.

    HTH, Gil

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  • Serhat

    I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and current versions of Google Chrome and Chromium. But in both of them flash player is not working. I can watch youtube videos properly. In other sites; it says missing plugin. Also I have installed Adobe Flash Player from Ubuntu Software Centre. I have looked for solutions from internet. I found nothing. One of my friends has just installed Ubuntu and he says i can't watch, too. Is there a solution? Or it's because we use Ubuntu in Turkish? What should i do? It's becoming really annoying.

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  • Conor Rynne

    The problem is that Google Chrome (but not Chromium, the basis, and almost an exact replica of Chrome) comes with it's own Flash plugin. I don't know if that stops it from using other plugins, but im guessing so, unless you edit the plugin path.

    Try Chromium, which is available through the repos and is almost identical to Chrome, and test to see if that works OK. If not, reinstall the flashplugin-installer package, to reinstall the plugin

  • zkriesse

    One fix that seemed to work for me is this. Go to the Adobe Flash Download page and download the appropriate one for your OS & version. That seemed to fix most of my issues and problems.

  • lovinglinux

    See YouTube Problems Mega Thread.

    If you are not affected by the problems described there or if the solutions doesn't work, then you could disable the plugin bundled with Chrome. You can do that by typing about:plugins in the address bar, then clicking the Details. Additionally, you could try to use Flash-Aid on Firefox to install flash and fix some issues. As long as you disable the bundled plugin in Chrome it will pick up the one use by Firefox. Just make sure you disable the option to Override GPU validation in Flash-Aid Wizard, because YouTube currently has an issue with that.

  • Phyxx

    This post has instructions for copying the flash plugin from firefox to chrome.